(I don’t know who made the above but I want it)

Fam…I think I am ready to go full gangster.  I just need four more families to make the new five families.  Of course I have to sit at the head of the table, but you still get a lot of respect and a sizable territory being in the other four.

I say we start by selling olive oil and then create our own micro brewery with gambling in the back.


Don’t buy wigs that come off at the wrong time

The hits just keep on coming.  Bad time to be a Goodfella I say.  RIP to the great Charles Low AKA Morrie of Morrie’s Wig Shop. Just a tremendous character.  The lovable loser.


With my background in sales and my naturally corny persona, I really identified with Morrie.  I would love to make a commercial like the one Morrie made for his wig shop.  Forget about money…priced to fit every budget.  Tested in hurricane winds!  Good looking broads in furs giving him a kiss in hurricane winds with his fantastic wig holding it down!  Morrie knew how to sell.  He just never knew how to stop busting balls all the time.

RIP Frank Vincent

Wow.  I am at a loss here.  Not so much because the legendary Frank Vincent has passed away at 78, but because of the eerie-ness in me launching this blog less than a month ago and titling it NO MORE SHINES BILLY.  Think on that for a second.

Well, I just wanted to tip the cap to Frank Vincent here today.  I found out the man who played Billy Batts died just a few hours ago while I was in the grocery store.  To me, it is like John Wayne dying.  I loved him as Phil Leotardo on The Sopranos and just about everything else he was in.  They don’t make old school Italians like that anymore.

Enjoy some of the best of Phil Leotardo below.  I mean it is the least you can do…he did twenty fucking years in the can!  RIP Frank Vincent.

Is Goodfellas the greatest movie of all time?

Fair question posed here fellas.  This has recently been pondered by a few people I know.  I just finished listening to a dated pod cast by comedian Bill Burr who makes his assertion that it most certainly IS.  He makes some compelling arguments.  Bill lays out a few Easter Eggs in the movie I had never previously thought much on.  For example, the last scene where Tommy, Joe Pesci’s character, shows up firing his gun away at the screen.  I always just thought that was a random bad ass way to end the movie by Scorsese.  Wack the audience.  Bill’s take is that it is actually Tommy coming back from the dead to kill Henry for becoming a rat.  Interesting take there Bill, though your fucking accent makes me want to hit you upside the head with a fucking shine box.  No offense to friends of the greater New England area.  I loved The Departed but Burr just is incessant with it.


I have a bigger question to ponder as we move forward in this universe and specifically liberal crazed America.  Will Goodfellas even be allowed to be viewed in 20 years?  Yeah, that is a real fucking question.  Since we are already close to burning books in this country, I could imagine the race police deeming Goodfellas a white supremacist bible in the year 2037 or sooner.  Lot of the N word tossed around in there.  I am not advocating racism or supporting racist works or whatever.  I just love my gangster flicks and while they tell a tale of la costra nostra, it seems in order to move on from our past, many among us believe we must burn certain aspects of it to the ground.  I don’t see any people stopping this mob mentality as it grows.  However, I am happy to be wrong about that should that day come.  But maybe, just maybe…like prohibition did…there will be a new resurgence of mafia activity.  Men with the balls to commit what was once acceptable but now labeled criminal.  Sheeeeeeet….if it comes to that you may have to open the books up and let me take my blood oath.


I just don’t see myself marching down Washington to change some wheel that just keeps spinning around through the ages.  Must be the Italian blood that still runs cold through my veins.  I see myself turning to the streets.  Peddling Goodfellas and Donnie Brasco Blu Rays or digital files out of the trunk of my Land Rover like it was Carolina Moonshine.  Keeping that good raw gangster shit alive.  Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that because I am sure I wouldn’t last long before incarceration.